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My life has largely revolved around finding outlets for my creativity, whether that be penning stories and scripts or producing short films and videos.

I am a Sheffield based filmmaker with an incredible passion for telling stories and creating compelling films. I’ve been filling notebooks with story ideas and character arcs for as long as I can remember and seize every opportunity I can grasp to expand and improve my skills.


I’m prepared to dive into any project in which I can let loose and just have fun telling a story, sending a message or making something that people who see it will never forget. While my primary interests lie in writing and editing, I am willing to work in any area of filmmaking.


I do smaller projects: music videos, showreels, promotional videos. I'm up for bigger projects: short films, feature films. If you need anything written, storyboarded, shot and/or edited, feel free to get in touch!

           -  Mark Howarth

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