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Video Production Work

Mimicry Teaser - Painted Mirror Films

Promotional Video (2020)

Editing, Sound Mixing

A first look at the upcoming Painted Mirror Films horror short film 'Mimicry'.

5 Great Features - Boris Software

Promotional Video (2019)

Editing, Motion Graphics, Sound Mixing, Script

A quick, animated list video detailing 5 useful features of the app produced by Boris Software. Made using both original content and provided footage.

Season 3 Trailer - Ed Eats Food

Promotional Video (2019)

Director, Editor, Storyboarding, Camera

A cinematic trailer advertising the third season of the web series Ed Eats Food. One of the first productions of Painted Mirror Films.

Beaker's Place - Only Lucky Dogs

Promotional Video (2018)

Editor, Storyboarding, Camera Op

A cinematic trailer advertising an original production by Only Lucky Dogs Theatre Company, a dark comedy which was performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Day of the Dead Trailer - Sheffield FMS

Promotional Video (2018)


A quick promo advertising "Day of the Dead", the joint Filmmaking Society/Horror Society workshop.

Memories of Clockmaker - SUTCo

Promotional Video (2018)


A cinematic trailer advertising a production by the Sheffield University Theatre Company.

Top 10 Tips - University of Sheffield Library

Promotional Video (2017)


Detailing the various services offered by the University of Sheffield Library services, for the purpose of informing new students.

Ed Eats Food - Painted Mirror Films

Webseries (2017-2019)

Showrunner (Season 3), Editor (Season 3), Camera

A weekly comedy series in which Ed demonstrates the "correct" way to eat an array of everyday foods.

Tom Nacian - Sheffield FMS

Short Film (2017)

Editor, Director of Photography, Writer

Shot in 2014/15, Tom Nacian follows Ken, a young man who develops an unhealthy attachment to a childhood toy in the wake of a bad breakup. This short film was produced with the Sheffield Student Filmmaking Society.

Tom Nacian Trailer - Sheffield FMS

Promotional Video (2016)


Edited in late 2016 ahead of the online release of 'Tom Nacian'.

The Words of the Prophets

Trailer (2016)

Director, Editor, Writer (Screenplay)

An adaption of the Stephen King novella, 'All That You Love Will Be Carried Away', produced with James Turner with the kind permission of Stephen King as a Dollar Baby. Alfie Zimmer, a man lost, weighs the value of his own life in one hand, a loaded gun held in the other.

The Lowdown - ForgeTV

Webseries (2016)

Writer, Camera

A weekly entertainment news show which released episodes in the latter part of 2016 covering a variety of topics from films and music to celebrity gossip.


Promotional Video (2017)

Camera, Lighting

Professor Jackie Marsh talks about the DigiLitEY (The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children) Cost Action (IS1410)

UoS Geography Graduate Videos

Promotional Video (2017)


Editing a series of pre-shot promotional videos for the University of Sheffield. Each video featured a UoS alumni describing their work-life post-uni, specifically mentioning the job hunting services offered by the university.

All About Linguistics

Promotional Video (2017)

Editor, Camera, Lighting, Motion Graphics

A promotional video produced for the student run website, 'All About Linguistics' at the University of Sheffield. Emma Moore briefly explains her research areas.

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